Sustainability Report 2021

We are all unique

The more diverse our people, the more inclusive our working environments are, the better we can master future challenges. It is the uniqueness of our people that brings science, curiosity, and our high-impact culture to life. It's simple: Diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) drive progress, innovation and are good for business.

Our uniqueness
makes us who we are

Diversity, equity & inclusion is not a “topic”. It is not an “issue”. It is not a “hobby”. It is a business and people imperative. We’ve pledged to our people, partners, customers, patients, and our industry to nurture inclusivity, achieve gender parity and increase cultural and ethnic representation in leadership.

Each and every one of us are “on the hook” to help us reach our ambitions. We all have to ask ourselves: How can I contribute to our global ambitions? What actions can I - and those around me - take to facilitate an inclusive environment? This calls for focus and acting with true INTENTION.

Joern-Peter Halle, Healthcare, Germany

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Our aspirations
for 2030


Increase women in leadership positions from 36% today to gender parity

Culture & ethnicity

Asia, Latin America, Middle East & Africa leadership: increase global share from 16% to 30%

Culture & ethnicity

U.S. leadership: increase​ share of under­represented racial & ethnic groups from 21% to 30%


Rollout of programs to all leaders on how to lead more inclusively

Our aspirations for 2030

Our newly endorsed diversity, equity and inclusion strategy and ambitions have been expanded to focus on three dimensions: inclusion, gender as well as culture & ethnicity.

I am very excited about our new DE&I aspirations. I am confident that our purposeful actions to attract, hire, retain, and advance talent will yield solid results and advance our DE&I culture.

Surésh Rajaraman, Electronics, Taiwan

The Rainbow Network brings together and elevates the voices of LGBTQI+ colleagues and allies to create a sense of belonging at our company so that all employees can
be their authentic
selves at work.

Paul Treadgold Chair of the Rainbow Network USA and Canada

The Leaders of Color action network, a coalition of people of color (POC) and allies, creates a business advantage by piloting solutions to better attract, retain and develop POC in North America.

Founder and Co-lead of the Leaders of Color action network

With our network we are bringing recognition to multi-cultural aspects and unconscious biases. More than 150 members help ensuring a balanced representation of women across all levels
in the region.

Rimmi Harindran Chair of Women in Leadership Asia, Singapore

Driving inclusion

We create space for our employees to live their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. They can get involved in more than 40 employee and action networks.

Belong, thrive and grow… together

Simply put, we care that all colleagues belong, thrive, and grow. We strive for equitable outcomes and work to identify and eliminate barriers to create access to opportunity, contributions and advancement.

I am seeing the power of diversity at work and how an inclusive, equitable workplace can drive impact. My team aims to reflect the diverse people, voices, and needs of our customers as well as our teammates. Only with a joint commitment to DE&I we can ensure that all of our people thrive and grow here.

Angela Tsang Myers, Life Science, USA

Contribution to our strategic goal 2

Diversity, equity & inclusion are key to promoting a sustainability culture within our company.

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Contribution to SDG 5 and

We want to provide equal opportunities for all, at all levels of decision-making, and end all forms of discrimination.

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