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Caring for our animals

Our long-term aspiration is to be a pioneer in phasing out animal use and replacing animal work with better, cutting-edge alternatives. Yet as long as animal usage cannot be entirely avoided, we are committed to applying the highest possible ethical and animal welfare standards. We also work on developing animal-free research methods, improve our existing processes and strive to enhance the animals’ quality of life. We join forces with industry and academia to ensure alternative solutions are recognized by legislators worldwide.

Strong focus on animal welfare

We are highly committed to the welfare of the animals we work with – from how we care for and treat them to our rehoming programs for their retirement. At the same time, our aim is to phase out animal testing in research as far as possible. We are continuously developing new animal-free research methods and ensuring that these alternative solutions are recognized by legislators.

Our ZooMAb® monoclonal antibodies are part of a new generation of antibodies that are able to reduce the use of animals in research.

Wei Zheng, Life Science, USA

Challenging the status quo

Together with other companies and universities, we are constantly working to develop new, alternative methods to replace animal testing. In cooperation with the responsible authorities, we are aiming to achieve official recognition and approval of methods like these so that fewer animal tests are needed and prescribed by law.

Replacing animal testing with alternative methods is a global objective - I'm proud that our in vitro pyrogen test plays a part in this mission.

Anne Baumstummler, Life Science, France

How can we save as many animals as possible?

Our ambition is to use substitutional technologies for animal testing as well as continuously researching new alternatives. Until animal testing is completely phased out in our business and as long as it is required by law for some parts of our research, we are committed to the highest animal research ethics and welfare standards for all our animals.

Our 4Rs, replace, reduce, refine, responsibility, help advance non-animal methods not only internally within our testing labs but also with our customers.

Sarah Sheridan, Life Science, UK

Contribution to our strategic goal 2

By 2025, we will have established an Animal Affairs Academy providing knowledge in Animal Science and Welfare as well as driving progress towards our 4R ambitions.

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Contribution to SDG 9

We conduct research and development worldwide to develop new products and services and also make existing products and processes more sustainable.

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